Friends of Lucy are people concerned with the physical and mental health of Edmonton’s largest resident.

If you would like to be a Friend Of Lucy, please join our Facebook group, or email us to be added to a contact list. We would like to stay in touch with you to let you know about rallies and events.

You may also reach us via mail at:

Friends of Lucy
Suite #198, 9768 – 170 Street
Edmonton, AB  T5T 5L4

Further Reading

Friends of Lucy are not experts in elephant care, however there are many experts who agree that a sanctuary is the best place for captive elephants. Below is a list of resources and recommended reading from experts in the area of elephant welfare:

Valley Zoo medical records – Acquired through freedom of information, this document outlines Lucy’s medical history during her time in Edmonton.  Please note that Lucy’s chronic arthritis is directly related to her lack of space at the Valley Zoo and the cold climate of Edmonton.

Cynthia Moss is the director of the Amboseli Elephant Research Project in Kenya. Cynthia began her elephant research at Amboseli in 1972. Some of Cynthia’s books include the following titles:

Elephant Woman

Elephant Memories: Thirteen Years in the Life of an Elephant Family

Little Big Ears: The Story of Ely

Cynthia’s website is www.elephanttrust.org

Joyce Poole is also a researcher at Amboseli, her work began in 1976. Joyce’s books include :


Coming of Age with Elephants: A Memoir

Joyce’s website is www.elephantvoices.org

Winnie Kiiru, also a researcher from Amboseli, conducted a review of elephants in Canadian zoos. Winnie’s report concluded that the elephants at the Valley Zoo had the worst living conditions because of our climate. More information on Winnie’s assessment can be found on the ZooCheck website.

Carol Buckley founded the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee in 1995. The Elephant Sanctuary is the largest natural habitat elephant sanctuary in North America. Carol’s books include –

Travels with Tarra

Just for Elephants

The Elephant Sanctuary website is www.elephants.com

The Detroit Zoo retired their elephants to a sanctuary, in part because their cold winters were having a negative impact on the elephant’s health. For more details on the reasons behind their decision, please see their website at www.detroitzoo.org. Once on the website, use the search function to search the words “Wanda and Winky”. This will bring up an archived question and answer article on why the zoo felt moving the elephants was the only option.


Bob Barker – Once the host of TV’s “The Price Is Right”, Bob Barker has always been active in animal welfare issues.  His latest cause is to lend his voice to the growing number of people calling for Lucy to be moved to an elephant sanctuary.  Read more here.

Bob Barker

Bob Barker


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